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Shabeer is currently Executive Chef with Karachi Grill Jumeirah, and building his career in Karachi Grill since this venue opened. After his graduation in culinary arts from COTHM Pakistan he started his career in a chain of restaurants in Lahore, Pakistan and later joined Avari Hotels, Lahore. At Avari Lahore he applied and polished his real skill and passion in Grill and Fusion food arts.“Mentorship is a big part of where I am today, and Karachi Grill is great with this. People invested in me as a young cook,” says Shabeer. But his success has not come without incredible work and dedication. “Tourism is in general very fast-paced, but you get out of it what you put into it.”The work of an executive chef is fast-paced and requires strong leadership skills on top of culinary expertise. “Every morning I make rounds and say good morning to the team, conduct quality and line checks, and touch base with the sous chef,” says Shabeer. Following that, he attends an operations meeting with department heads. His afternoon usually includes more meetings related to the many facets of management, such as catering, menu development, staff coaching and training, marketing, media events, clients, and generally being on top of what is happening in the next three to six months.When asked for advice for those considering a career in tourism, Shabeer suggests to not be afraid to take some risks, and to take time to build relationships with people. “For cooking, don’t stop learning. Read, be passionate, and go all in. People get caught up in the celebrity chef idea, but there are so many levels and opportunities.”


The Karachi Grill Jumeirah 2, Dubai.

It’s about time to taste the delightful halal menu at Karachi Grill Jumeirah 2 and Fusion Cuisine. An extensive variety of eminence and traditional Pakistani meals are served at Karachi Grill, with a sole purpose to please every customer with the quality and to meet every all their expectations. The food served is lavished with exclusive service and scrumptious Pakistani Fusion Halal cuisines at reasonable prices. As you get your hands on the menu, you will come across an immense variety of delicious Thirst Quencher, appetizers, soups, salads, Charcoal Grills, Traditional Handi, Traditional Karahi, Biryani, Lamb Chops, Grilled Prawns, entrees, and nonetheless, desserts. Karachi Grill, it is a place where you’ll find what you’re actually looking for.


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